Major Project Performance

Boeun public aids auxiliary playground urethane repair work

Gyeonggi Physical Education High School Athletic track urethane repair work

Installation and line marking of sports facility in Wussle Stadium

Construction of tracks and athletic facilities in Military-Civilian Joint Investement Stadium

Boseong County public playground track repair work

Haenam Public Sports Ground Athletic Track Facilities

Daegu Athletic High School Athletics track urethane construction

Repair and line marking work for Gyeongsan athletic track

Jeju Stadium Urea waterproofing work

Mungyeong Athletic Facilities Installation and Line Marking

Jeju General Stadium Land Track Urethane Installation

Physical facilities and line marking construction in Jeju Aegeong athletic ground

Changwon General Auxiliary Stadium Track Repair

Changwon Sports Complex Main Stadium Repair

Rehabilitation of active packing materials for active high school

Andong Citizen Sports Complex repair work

Baekam athletic field Athletic facility installation work

Jangheung public playground track repair work

Yecheon public playground land track urethane repair work

Gyeongsan indoor gymnasium athletics track construction

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